Typically, follow-up visits are monthly. However, after the first and second visits (to discuss lab results and gather feedback on effectiveness of medications and/or make adjustments on dosage with the Physician) a patient may opt to see our NP, PA, or assistants to simply to check in regularly. Once a plan is developed and certain health conditions are met, a patient may opt to use our convenient MRA (Medical Refill Authorization) form to submit a brief questionnaire on their progress to the doctor for approval to refill medications without a physical visit to the office. This would only require the patient to come to the office once every 3 months and is solely at the discretion of the Doctor.

After completion of the active weight loss phase, patients are allowed to enter our maintenance program. Many of our patients are active in our maintenance program and we help to formulate a plan for each person individually that enables them to come in during particularly stressful times, or during holidays, or simply when needing some extra suppoet. These patients understand that this is a lifestyle change with ups and downs and we are here for our patients as needed long term.