While developing his program and determining his fees, Dr. Puempel has always had the philosophy of keeping the program cost within reach of his patients. He wants his patients to be able to come to him, even when insurance companies have yet to see the value in covering it on a typical health plan. A quick google search will show that programs range from even $2000 for an initial visit. Other local programs, not staffed by specialists, offer free “something” to lure you in the door then switch to their over $1000-dollar program. Even others attempt to sell the patient on hundreds of dollars of food purchases on the first visit. Another is “only” $400 just for the first visit yet sells you hundreds of dollars of other supplements and materials. Our pricing is straightforward and significantly less than any of the above competitors. (Insert link)

Because most insurance companies still are not covering Obesity medicine and because the cost of participating is likely out of pocket, our doctors want to make this program available to everyone. The cost of the first visit is extremely reasonable and includes:

  • EKG
  • Body composition determination
  • Weight, measurements, and vital signs
  • B complex injection, if desired
  • The physician will talk with each patient individually to propose
    individualized treatment plan
  • Some vitamins and supplements are included.

**The actual appetite suppressant is an additional cost at the pharmacy of your choice because a prescription is required. This cost varies depending on the medication prescribed.