Life happens.

Overweight and obesity is a disease. Persons who suffer from obesity will tell you despite all they try to do when certain stressors hit, they spin out of control, their old habits return and their disease gets worse. Events good and bad can stress our disease. Holidays, birthday parties, family outings, families, moving together, vacations, are all GOOD stressors. Enjoyable and fun, yes,but they are still stressing our disease. There are bad stressors also, injuries, family losses, money problems, others. They all can contribute to or lack of focus and before we know it, we slip into old habits of poor nutrition and lack of exercise.

Biochemical culprits.

Sometimes there are biochemical causes of not losing weight. Insulin can block weight loss. In patients with Insulin resistance, sometimes even a slight increase in carbohydrate intake can raise insulin levels enough to block weight loss. , Some of the side effects from other medications taken for other condition include weight gain. Changes in thyroid levels can slow or block continuing weight loss. The doctor may need to do follow-up blood testing to determine if any of these are contributing to the lack of weight loss.


Sometimes we hit a “comfort zone”. We lose enough weight, we look and feel better and we lose our focus on excellent nutrition and portion control. The doctor and staff will work with you to try and find any of the possible causes for not losing more weight. But sometimes weight loss patients hit a plateau that cannot be explained and it is during these times when a supportive team can encourage your through these times.

Unfortunately, the treatment of obesity doesn’t involve just taking pills. It demands both medication and personal responsibility. We are always here for our patients and we celebrate the victories and we encourage and build up during the swing the other way. We will never, ever take a tough, stern approach to weight loss. We will guide you through the good times and bad..