We believe very strongly in preventive medicine. That is why we specialize in weight treatment and the diseases related to weight issues and overall wellness. Our practitioners are trained and qualified to perform complete primary care. However, Bariatrics is a specialty. Most primary care doctors do not emphasize weight management to the degree we do, nor do they have the time to commit to the discussion of it in detail. Although high blood pressure, diabetes, depression and many other diagnoses often accompany the diagnosis of obesity we do not directly or routinely treat these conditions, rather, we treat the primary cause of many of these health problems which is body weight and excess body fat. Our experience has shown us that as we reduce the weight and body fat %, simultaneously, these other conditions lessen in severity and are often eliminated altogether.

However, we must not neglect other conditions which must be screened for, monitored, and treated when indicated. For instance, it helps no one to lose to a healthy weight, have a healthy heart, then have a breast cancer that is not detected or prostate cancer that is missed. Therefore, please keep up your annual exams with your primary MD to ensure complete health monitoring.