The OMA has a set of 15 criteria that all bariatricians are encouraged to follow. These “principles of excellence” include:

always putting the patients’ welfare above all;

avoiding value judgments concerning a patient’s behavior;

complying with all state and federal laws;

providing adequate and truthful information to the patient about their disease;

and cooperating fully with other physicians in providing medical care to every patient.

Successful results for over 50 years.

Experience in the Bariatric specialty for over 50 years with a wealth of knowledge in the science of Nutrition, Exercise and obesity-related indications.

Compassionate, enthusiastic and caring staff.

We are like family to one another and to our patients. You will never be made to feel ‘naughty’ for slipping up or regressing. We have all been there. We are simply here to assist you and encourage your journey.

Scientific Knowledge on all the latest research findings in our field.

Our physicians and staff attend National Conferences to maintain current knowledge on the advances in the treatment of obesity. All practitioners constantly research current information on weight loss, nutrition and exercise and understand the challenges patients face in all areas of life.

Understanding, because we are human, just like you.

Fair and extremely competitive prices that are affordable to most everyone.

Successful results for over 50 years