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Fully Accredited

Everywhere you look, there’s someone claiming the latest weight loss diet, treatment or drug. Our 50 plus years of treatment experience combined with the extensive education and certification and accreditation means you simply can’t afford to go elsewhere. Without the right clinical care, you could be at serious risk.


There’s no reason to troll the Internet for weight-loss magic. If you’re really serious about weight-loss, there’s a safer way to go about it. First, work with a medical professional to develop a treatment plan that fits your needs.

Extensive Experience

Our great doctors have helped thousands of men and women achieve their healthy weight goals. Managing your weight is a marathon, not a series of 100-yard dashes! Moderation, rather than deprivation, is our doctors philosophy to a lifetime of healthy eating.

General Checkup

We take care of our patients first with an in-depth exam. This establishes a trust with your Doctor, and helps reveal any risks prior to the treatment that will help the Doctor know what the best course of treatments should be used during the process.

Medically Proven

Selecting the most suitable weight loss treatment can be tricky. The best approach is a medically proven plan, administered by a Board Certified Bariatric Physician. Their training and certification not only is safer, it’s more effective and longer lasting.

Lifestyle Choices

How did your last weight loss plan go? Did you have a plan? Did you stick with it? Research shows that 69 percent of adults are obese or overweight. But many people would simply like to lose 10 pounds. The bad news? As hard as you can try to lose weight, some everyday habits might…