The road to weight loss may begin as an uphill journey, but slow and steady wins the race, said Dr. Otto Puempel, who’s been practicing medicine in Metroplex for more than 35 years. Along with his colleague, Dr. Patrick Kirklin, Dr. Puempel has successfully helped patients lose weight throughout the years. Dr. Puempel owns and operates the Weight Control Clinic, located at 716 Lincoln Square in Arlington, where patients are educated to achieve successful weight loss. Weight Loss Clinic features two additional locations, 2122 Austin Avenue in Waco and in Dallas at 6162 E. Mockingbird Ln.

Maintaining a healthy weight is a lifetime commitment he stressed. Dr. Puempel advises his patients to plan their meals and snacks to include a variety of healthy choices. Dr. Puempel incorporates the use of appetite suppressants to help patients to control their portions and their urges to binge.

“The appetite center is in the base of the brain and it pretty much dictates to your mind and body when it’s time to eat,” Dr. Puempel said. “That’s why we get hungry.” Most mistakes made by individuals who hope to shed off those excess pounds are the results of hoping to lose weight through “quick fix” programs that saturate the airwaves in radio, print and television. The internet serves as another conduit for the “quick fix solutions.”

“Most of us when we make these attempts (to lose weight), we try to get 30 pounds in 30 days which is virtually impossible,” said Dr. Puempel.

Unfortunately, these programs set the person up for failure. Dr. Puempel warns that with these programs, those hapless participants can never really be certain as to what they are getting. Safety is a critical component to weight loss.

Weight gain doesn’t happen overnight. With that in mind, anyone who desires to lose weight needs to acknowledge that weight loss will also take time.
“Managing your weight is a marathon, not a series of 100 yard dashes,” Dr. Puempel said. “While medication can assist you in losing weight, it’s up to you to maintain your health through proper eating.”

Marilyn Walker is one of many of the clinic’s success stories. Walker, 55, said she too, tried to shed pounds through the quick fix programs but the weight always returned or she become frustrated with the program and quit. But in March, Walker was encouraged by her daughter to give the Weight Control Clinic a try.

“She was having such success with it, so started going too and it’s been very successful,” Walker said. “I’ve enjoyed the people over there and they’re very friendly and very supportive.”

Walker shed 45 pounds and went from a size 10/12 to a sveltz size 4.

“Losing that much weight I just feel so much better,” said Walker, “You feel like a new person and look like a new person.” Working with the patient to find the medication program that fits their individual needs leads that patient down the road to success.

“The medications are all approved and found to be safe and effective by the Food and Drug Administration,” Dr. Puempel said. “We follow the guidelines for long-term use of diet pills recommended by the American Society of Bariatric Physicians. We offer safety, knowledge and expertise.”

Walker said she’s learned to make healthy eating choices. Before, fast food seemed a convenient outlet for her fast-paced lifestyle. Today, Walker said she focuses on healthy eating habits.

“This time I am so determined that I am not going to get back into my bad eating habits,” said Walker.”

The Weight Control Clinic offers peace of mind unlike any other weight loss program in the area. Each patient’s progress is monitored monthly and physician supervised.

“We check liver and kidney function, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and the thyroid,” Dr. Puempel said. Not only did Walker shed pounds, her bad cholesterol dropped 30 points.

“I just feel so much better she enthused,” she enthused. Personal consultations along with a passionate and caring staff, afford each patient peace of mind and individual encouragement. Walker couldn’t agree more.

“I think it takes a team,” said Walker, “the support of the people at the Weight Control Clinic, it’s really made the difference.”